Archaeologists Uncover Hundreds Of Roman Writing Tablets – From Business Advice To Writing Practice!

The uncovered tablets are, in fact, the oldest form of writing ever found in Britain.

The written word has been a critical tool of mankind’s arsenal for centuries; used to draft lifetime contracts, artistic poeticisms, and records of scientific data. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could decipher writings from a time 500 years ago, let alone 2000 years. Fortunately for mankind, time has been generous to hundreds of Roman writing tablets discovered in the middle of London.

2000-Year-Old Tablets Are Turning Heads

tablets uncovered

Despite the assumption, researchers with the Museum of London Archaeology have already cracked the code. Buried beneath 20 feet of Earth, archaeologists found over 400 shoes and the leather backs of luxurious dining chairs. What has researchers most excited however, is a find that will literally rewrite the history books.

“I’ve been digging around in London for years and never quite imagined that in the late 1st century, there was a community of people who are very much like us.”

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