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Muslim Woman Donates $1 For Every Hate Tweet Received

This is an inspired way to stop Twitter trolls.

This is an inspired way to stop Twitter trolls.

Susan Carland is an Australian academic, the wife of talk-show host Waleed Aly, and a Muslim woman who pledged to donate one Australian dollar to the charity UNICEF for every hateful message received on Twitter. That’s right.

In a piece on the Sydney Morning Herald, Carland explained that she “regularly get tweets and Facebook messages from the brave freedom-fighters behind determinedly anonymous accounts telling me that, as a Muslim woman, I love oppression, murder, war, and sexism.”

The threats entail “requests to leave Australia, hope for my death, insults about my appearance (with a special focus on my hijab), accusations that I am a stealth jihadist, and that I am planning to take over the nation, one halal meat pie at a time.”

And when she “tried blocking, muting, engaging and ignoring” that’s when she was prompted by her idea to donate a dollar to UNICEF for every hate tweet.

“I felt I should be actively generating good in the world for every ugly verbal bullet sent my way,” Carland said.

The response from Twitter has been thoroughly supportive:

@SusanCarland you’re a legend! I shall donate $10 to UNICEF for your amazingness

Since declaring her pledge in October, Carland has said she has donated more A$1000 for UNICEF. It’s not yet known if the e-haters have slowed down, but turning a negative situation into a positive one is something that she ought to be proud of.

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