Rehab…Or Resort? Here Are 10 Of The World’s Fanciest Prisons

Some of these places are pretty nice, considering....

Where do you come down on incarceration? Are you strictly a safety person, or do you believe prison can lead to rehabilitation and re-acclimation into society? For some, jail is nothing more than pure punishment. Three squares a day, an 8 x 8 cell, and a basic acknowledgement of human rights mixed with the government’s desire for you to pay, pay, pay!

Not All Prisons Are Hell Holes



Some Are Actually Quite Nice, Considering



But around the world, the justice system is far less revenge oriented. They are more interested in creating a better inmate, to turn he or she from a possible recidivist to a productive member of the community. That’s why their prisons are polished and professional. Where the US things “CAGE,” other places apply the group living or dormitory ideal.

There’s Ones Where The Focus Is The Family



In the video included here, you will see 10 examples of such amazing accommodations. Not all of them can boast private bathrooms, shared cooking areas, and access to washers and dryers, but as you will see, all believe in something other parts of the planet forget – that criminals are people as well. Social status is important, and one must pay for what they did, but only one thing happens when you treat people like animals – and it’s never good.

And Others That Mimic Dormitory Life



And/Or Apartment Living



Why Are Their Facilities So Much Different Than Ours? Continue On To Find Out

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