The Release Of America’s Youngest Lifer Is A Revelation For Us All

In 1989, Barry Massey was in imprisoned for his role in a vicious robbery turned murder.

What have the past 30 years meant to you?

You might not have even been alive, but the past three decades mean a lot to the human race. This was a time that began in the 80s, with Back To The Future in every theatre and the USSR on every mind. By the end of the decade the Berlin Wall would fall and the internet would boot up for the very first time. For Barry Massey though, the end of the decade was the beginning of a new life. In 1989, Barry Massey was in imprisoned for his role in a vicious robbery turned murder.

Massey was spending his time in the Monroe Correctional Complex, a Washington facility that housed some of the wickedest men the West Coast had. What makes the story of Massey so compelling though, was the fact the he was just 14 years old.

imprisoned at 14

He wasn’t aware of the day Nelson Mandela was freed, and he had no idea that on the other side of the world, the Bosnian Genocide had officially begun. He didn’t know OJ Simpson or what he had just been found ‘Not Guilty’ of, and if you would have told him the world’s first cloned animal was alive and well, you probably would have been laughed out of his block.

Fact is, Massey didn’t even know about Snoop Dogg let alone what was up in the Middle East. He was 14 when he aided in the murder of  Paul Wang; a marina store owner. Massey says he abstained from the violence that took Paul’s life, but it hardly made a difference. Along with his 15-year-old peer, Massey was made an example of. Their sentence: imprisoned for life without parole.

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