This St. Louis Man Is Bringing Showers To The People – Free Soap, Free Towel, Free Charge

This setup allows for 60 or so homeless people to experience the luxury of a hot and relaxing shower (...don't worry, they're completely private!)

Jake Austin has been helping his fellow St. Louis citizens for years, mostly through volunteering in whatever capacity presented itself. He was taught to improve the world around him by raising up his fellow man, and the homeless of St. Louis have come to know him for that. Water, food, clothes, advice; you name it, Jake has been there giving it away for free.

Volunteering has brought Jake incredible opportunities to grow and learn as an individual, but one of his more recent eye-opening moments came as a bit of a shock. Here he was, handing out hygiene items and organizing their donation and distribution across the St. Louis area, when he met a man who outright refused help.

The Power Of Austin’s Showers Is Awesome


Dignity plays a major factor in the homeless experience, but Austin realized why an obviously wanting man was denying free soap. It’s all good to have the materials for a washup, but that’s not all you need.

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