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Ellen Degeneres Hilariously Explains How Fucked Up Trump’s Travel Ban Is

Leave it to "not political" Ellen Degeneres to nail both politics and humor, and do it damn-near perfectly.

Not everyone can use an animated cartoon movie to symbolize immigration, empathy and  what it means to be American. Leave it to “not political” Ellen Degeneres to do just that, and do it damn-near perfectly.

Many celebrities are using their voices for those who cannot be heard during this likely unconstitutional travel ban that specifically targets Muslims, or as Trump puts it, “prioritizes Christians”… and it seems like every award show flaunts it’s A list actors to share their political opinions nowadays.

Why shouldn’t they? With the stakes as high as they’ve been, it’s important that you contribute your time and voice to protect your rights and the rights of others. We cannot ignore the divisive cloud hovering over America, and we should welcome a celebrities bravery to spread (actual not alternative) facts, promote hope and call trump out where he’s wrong.

Especially if it includes some humor… we could all use a good laugh to alleviate the stress!

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