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Civil Rights Lawyers Say “Sorry Trump, That’s Not How The Constitution Works”

Samantha says what's on everyone's minds with her latest segment.


In Samantha Bee’s newest segment (that was not intended to be reoccurring) “Bunker Talk”, she finds a safe haven to discuss the truth in this new and daunting Trump era. In fact, I suggest that every journalist find such a bunker. You will need one to keep peace and sanity, two things that are few and far between in the newest administration.

In light of the many green card holders being detained at entry back to America, following Trumps travel ban executive order, Bee explains the experience as, “You take an Ambien, drink a glass of wine and then land to discover America has disappeared.”

ACLU civil rights lawyer Lee Gelernt joined her in the bunker, and she wasted no time getting his side of the story.

“So Lee, you get the call and you’re like, ‘This is the shit I was born to do,’” and he explained:

“You scramble to try and get someone from the administration on the phone. They’re completely disorganized, or they’re not taking our calls. You say, ‘Let’s file emergency stay papers in the federal courts.’ And the judge was very direct with the government and said, ‘Tell me why you need right now to send these people back to harm. Tell me what the risk is to the government given that these people will have been vetted for months and months by our government. Some even worked with our U.S. Military.’”

Samantha smartly points out, “It feels like they’ve overstepped so far, that even when they step back they’re still way off the cliff.”

Gelernt agrees with her and adds, “That may be their strategy. Even the pushback keeps us well beyond anything any other administration has ever done. And they are pushing the limits of the constitution beyond the breaking point.”

Check out the video for yourself, below:


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