Generation Y: How They’re Statistically The Most Advanced Generation

It's obvious millennials have a massive advantage over our peers... but do you know just how MUCH of an advantage?

It’s obvious our generation has a massive advantage over our peers with our prolific access to the internet enabling our ability to express ourselves in new ways and communicate with our circles instantly.

The sheer speed of how fast technology, fashion and culture is changing is enough to make us the most informed on what’s happening. Older generations may consider us “lazy”, but we’re truly killing it!

Here are all the facts that prove we’re the most tolerant, educated and most sexually responsible than previous generations. Take a look at the facts for yourself and make an informed decision!

Check out the gallery to see the proof Gen Y is truly running the future.

1. Millennial Women Have Broke Records Of Getting Educated And Are Graduating College At Higher Rates Than Their Moms!


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2. Gen Y Has More Tolerance For Interracial Marriage Than Our Peers



3.  We Have The Best Education Than Any Generation In History



4. We Recognize The Consequences Of Smoking And Therefore Engage In It Less

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