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Believe It Or Not, Amber Rose Is Working Tirelessly For Feminism

"I just stopped giving a f*ck, and that's when I got enlightened and was able to live my life to the fullest." - Amber Rose

Amber Rose is a loud voice for women these days and sets a wonderful example as a feminist, an entrepreneur and a mother. As a new contestant on Dancing With The Stars and having now launched her podcast Love Line With Amber Rose, she’s more visible than ever.

Find out how big of a badass and wonderful example she truly sets in the gallery below!

1. “Your sex appeal or beauty isn’t defined by anyone else… you are your own audience, your own V.I.P.”


2. “I think I needed time to grow up. You get to a certain point in your life where you really find out who you are, and sometimes that happens when you’re 25, but for me, it was 31. I didn’t quite know that before. I guess social media did help create the feminist monster that I’ve become.”


3. “I think people think that once you become a mom you’re a f*cking nun and you’re not allowed to be sexy anymore or have sex or date people or live your life. Once you have a baby, you have to put on a cardigan and become a teacher. It doesn’t work like that. You live your life for your baby and you raise your child to be the best person they can possibly be, but you also don’t lose yourself in the process. I can’t live my life for the internet. I live my life for me.”


4. “Don’t ever sleep with a guy because you feel you should or you have to in order to make him like you.”

5. “I could see the beauty in any and everybody. I’ve always been that way. What defines beauty? Self-confidence. You know, everybody likes something, so it shouldn’t be society’s standards.”


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