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Why Donald Trump Wants The New York Times To Fail

It's classic schoolroom bully.

It’s classic schoolroom bully. Donald Trump sees (perhaps the largest) authority in media calling him out on very real shit he’s done that’s very, very wrong. You see, The Donald wants to do whatever the fuck he wants. Ultimately, considering he’s an extremely privileged white male billionaire, he’s looking to line his pockets.

Luckily, for the most part, our respected American media cannot be bought. You cannot pay someone to ignore their ethics, responsibilities and integrity when the consequences are so severe. It just won’t work. After the whole Gawker scandal happened last year, and Melania filed suit with Peter Theil and his lawyers against DailyMail, the future of online, web and even print media looks bleak.

If you follow Rachel Maddow, you’ll know about Trumps ties with the National Inquirer to slander Hillary Clinton and lean favorably to Donald when it comes to critical press coverage (real events or imaginary, it’s fucking The National Inquirer). If you have your head in the clouds of pop culture, you’ll also have seen Spotlight last year.

Journalism is extremely important, expression is vital but the unnecessary bullying, mean-spirited and frankly terrorist-like attacks on free speech and respect for fact checking has us in a questionable position.

This is what Donald Trump wants. He wants our media authorities to fail, so that we’ll be left in the dark of everything he does in the White House. And how much fun wouldn’t that be for him?

Keep watching. Keep speaking. Keep fighting. Don’t let him win.


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