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Loretta Lynn Is Recovering From A Stroke, And The Internet Is Overflowing With Prayers For Her

The country music industry is a fairly small and tight knit community of artists, managers and producers who keep country music alive. While country music has spread nationally in the last few decades thanks to pop influences allowing more radio play, the legends responsible for creating that original “pure” country sound will never lack love, support and appreciation.

So when news like Loretta Lynn being admitted to the hospital after suffering a stroke starts filling our news feeds, the internet as a whole responds with heartbreak, prayers and well-wishes. As of 3PM on Saturday May 6th, her website says Loretta remains responsive and is expected to make a full recovery.

While this is wonderful news, twitter is also brimming with appreciation for the country legend.

After all, Lynn blazed a trail as a strong-willed singer and songwriter who wrote honest, and at times frank, songs about sex, divorce, cheating and even birth control.

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