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Shania Twain Releases A Glimpse At Her New Single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’

The country music queen is finally making a comeback after fifteen years off the radio! While it’s been news for a while that Shania had something in the works, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath hoping for her comeback to be a stellar one. She doesn’t disappoint with this glimpse of what sounds like a radio hit “Life’s About To Get Good”.

While Shania has been dealing with a tough hand over the past decade, she’s since publicly come forth ready to put a positive spin on the whole divorce nightmare. If you didn’t already know, Shania’s husband (and music legend in his own right, Robert Lange) left her for her best friend and neighbor.

Later, Shania found solace in her mistress’s ex-husband (who suffered the same loss as Shania) and found her happy ending.

“I was at home looking out at the ocean and I said to myself, ‘Here I am stuck in this past of negativity, but it’s so beautiful out. I’m not in the mood to write a feeling-sorry-for-myself song,’” said Shania about penning the new tune. “You can’t have the good without the bad. And that’s what the song ended up being about.”

The positive and uplifting single sparked the attention of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea who were given permission to use a minute of her new single to promote their winter games.

Take a listen for yourself, below!

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