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Add A Healing Touch To Everything In Your Life And Radiate Positive Vibes With This New Quartz Nails Trend



Marble nails are SO last season. The newest trend to make waves at your salon are QUARTZ textured nails. The Quartz design reflects the natural lines and grooves of all your favorite crystals, essentially allowing you to put out good vibes at all times without all that weight!

Okay well, the design might not have quite the same healing powers, but why not have both? Not only are they unique and totally stunning, but they’re fairly easy to execute! Check out the gallery below for the best designs to inspire your next trip to the spa.

Pink Quartz Nails

Long or short, they look insanely pretty.


The Shorter Almond Shape Looks Great, Too

Rose quartz is so lady-like.


WOW These Himalayan Salt Nails Are Beyond Gorgeous

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Simply Stunning

The coffin shape is great if you have a job where you can have such long nails!

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Pink Quartz nails 😻|| nails by @alexenails

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This Cotton Candy Spin On Quartz Nails Is To Die For

If you’re looking to be SUPER original and on trend as well!

Definitely ask about getting this style next time you get a mani!

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