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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Crystals

Collecting crystals and exploring your intuition is always exciting, enriching and spiritual.

When you go through the journey of picking up vibrations, narrowing down the stones you’re most drawn to, asking tons of questions about the quality of the stone, the area it was mined in, etc… you find yourself spiritually connected to the pieces you pick.

Bring The Right Stone Home


Choosing a crystal is all intuition – you may not actually FEEL energy buzzing from the top of an amethyst, but our bodies pick up the subtle vibrations these stones expel. The vibrations are produced by the geometric molecular structure of each crystal, and there are scientific studies dedicated to measuring these frequencies.

After you’ve walked around, and (as long as it’s ok with the owner), picked up as many as possible, you’ll realize you were probably naturally drawn to certain stones.

Well, once you figure out what type of stone you’ve chosen and you understand it’s capabilities, it’ll finally make sense why you were so drawn to it!



Selenite is a fantastic energy cleanser, though it never needs cleaning itself. Aside from being great to grab after a tough day of difficult interactions, it’s perfect for using to clean the energy of any other stone you might bring home.

Selenite with it’s cleansing properties is a must for the bedroom, especially for those who suffer with insomnia or nightmares. Keep pieces around the bed itself, or even over your head, such as in one of our Selenite Wall Hangings, to filter out bad dreams and calm a buzzing mind.



Quartz in it’s many forms is another gem that packs an energetic punch that matches it’s amazing look. Clear quartz is an energy cleanser and amplifier, and Smoky Quartz targets negative energy specifically. Lithium quartz has a calming energy (much like the element it contains and is named after), as does it’s cousin Amethyst.


A Stone for Every Space

Because certain stones work with specific energies, they tend do offer more aid in certain areas of your space. If you find yourself doing certain things with certain crystals, follow your intuition – there’s a reason why you may feel drawn to do what you’re doing!



Citrine is a confidence and prosperity stone, and works well in a home office, workplace, or studio. If you know the Feng Shui of your space, place it in your money corner!

Found all over the place, it’s a great mineral for confidence, self esteem, and prosperity. Most Citrine found around is actually Amethyst that has been super heated, changing it’s color from purple to bright orange and yellow. Natural citrine has a much more subtle yellow color, and almost has a green hue to it. Similarly, some smoky quartz or calico pyrite may be heated to intensify their colors.

Jasper Mookaite


If you’re prone to procrastination, a stone like the Jasper Mookaite helps combat the wandering mind.

Blue Apatite


Blue Apatite is my personal “get it done” stone, as it’s known for helping one set realistic goals and meet them. Optimize work productivity by placing three garnets on your desk, so say Chinese mineral guides.

It’s helpful to remember that stones with vibrant colors may fade when kept in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and specimens definitely get dusty! Before you give it a bath, though, make sure your stone isn’t water soluble!


Know What You’re Buying

Unfortunately, as technology advances, the world of stones becomes a little more complicated. Many stones on the market are treated or man-manipulated, and some sellers may not be completely forthcoming as to what they’re offering.

Aura Quartz


Various forms of Aura Quartz are absolutely STUNNING to look at. Their rainbow of colors and iridescence is breathtaking, and is all over the place nowadays! While not naturally occurring, their energies are interesting and beautiful, and different from their untreated counterparts. However, it’s worth remembering that these are not naturally occurring – those seeking all natural crystals may want to steer clear.

The best thing to do when buying stones is to ask the person selling it a few questions: Where does this come from? How is this treated? What is this stone? Any good stone seller should know the answers to these questions, and it’s always good to be informed.

One more thing to consider when buying stones is their source. Many mines employ less than ideal mining practices, where local towns are taken advantage of, the earth is pillaged, and local workers are put into dangerous and low paying working conditions. Stones being energetic sponges hold onto their history of homes and handling, and it’s worth wondering if the way they are extracted from the Earth have an effect on their energy in the long run.

Beyond anything else, collecting crystals should be fun, enriching, and interesting. Get out and experience whatever you can, and see for yourself which gems are right for you!

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