Deployed Husband Can’t Come To Wife’s Maternity Photo Shoot, So She Comes Up With A Heartwarming Idea

Veronica and Brandon Phillips are expecting their first child, but unfortunately Brandon is currently serving in the Air Force overseas. While Veronica is currently at home in Florida,  he’s already missed most of her pregnancy and sadly won’t be able to be there the day of the baby’s birth.

Every new mom likes to consider the idea of a maternity photoshoot, but with Veronica’s circumstances she had to get creative. Not willing to let anything stop her, she booked a maternity photo shoot with photographer Jennifer McMahon.

The photographer asked if there was any possible way to somehow incorporate Brandon into the photos and Jessica thoughtfully said she would consider it. After seeing her concept and having confidence it wouldn’t be cheesy, she agreed.

Little did she know McMahon was incredibly creative and talented with such challenges, and she delivered one of the most heartwarming maternity images ever created.

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