‘TaskRabbit’ App Comes To Nashville Offering A New Way To Make An Average $35/hr Doing Simple Chores

The TaskRabbit app is finally expanding to Nashville on Thursday! If you’re not sure what TaskRabbit is, then your life is about to be revolutionized. It’s an extremely useful app that matches freelance labor with local demand. Essentially, it allows consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

Need help assembling furniture? Too short to hang those pictures or need a hand setting up a new television? The company has thrived connecting those in need of help doing chores and those who need a little extra cash and are handy with helping out.

The company has since expanded into 24 cities and has 60,000 people performing tasks.

“Today, middle-class families who are working parents, both outside the home or both working in some ways, just cannot get through all the things on their to-do list,” TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot said. “We are going to help them solve that pain point by helping them check some of those things off of their to-do list.”

The best part about TaskRabbit is that it offers their “Taskers” supplemental income when wages at full-time and part-time jobs are just  inadequate,  The average hourly income for Taskers?  $35. That’s four times the federal minimum wage!

All TaskRabbit customers need to do is download the app, select the task they need completed and choose a Tasker, who responds within 30 minutes. The Tasker tells a customer when they will come by, based on the customer’s preference, and sets the rate.

All tasks are insured, and what’s even MORE amazing is that all TaskRabbit employees have extensive background checks done, so there’s no worry that a felon is showing up at your door!

 Think of all the house cleaning, yard work and junk removal you can have done with the click of a button!  It even goes beyond household chores, too. Customers could be needing transportation, hair cuts and whatever in the world else they need.
It’s a crazy world we live in, right? If you’re needing some cash, definitely sign up!

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