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Beyonce & JAY-Z Drop $400k A Month OnMalibu Mansion For Twins & Blue Ivy

Only the best for the Jayonce twins! A new report claims that Beyonce and JAY-Z are spending over $400k a month on their Malibu rental, where they are staying with their newborn twins and toddler daughter, Blue Ivy. Geez!


Beyonce, 35, has spared no expense when it comes to her children. The mother of three and her husband, JAY-Z, 47, have been renting out a lavish home in Malibu, California recently, according to the Daily Mail, and it’s costing them a small fortune.


The mansion has 14 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms, an infinity pool and it’s own name: La Villa Contenta. That’s exactly what you would expect for $400,000 a month, right? In case you need help keeping track, that brings the rental to $48 million a year.


It’s unclear whether or not Beyonce and Jay have any intention on buying the home, but if they are spending that much just to rent it there’s a good chance it will eventually become their permanent abode.


The house reportedly sits on 6.3 acres of land, which also includes a rose garden, flower bushes and a tennis court.


There is also a pool house and a house specifically for the staff to reside in. Crazy, right? According to the report, Beyonce and Jay are only planning on staying through the end of August as their twin babies continue to heal and grow now that they are outside of her womb.


The pair are likely still searching for a permanent California home as multiple reports claim they have left the bright lights of New York City behind them — for now. But in other news, where’s our invite for a sleepover, Jayonce?

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