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Chris Lane Fell Mid-Song and Then Flawlessly Kept Going

Chris Lane might have a bruised bum, but he played off this onstage fall flawlessly.

The singer was in the midst of his first stadium show, with Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys, at Fenway Park in Boston when he had another first. Every singer had done it, especially those who are as active during their performance as Chris. Mid-song, Chris just ate it.

In his defense, I think the stage must’ve been slick or something, because his feet literally just fly out from under him. He skids a bit, then just goes down. Smiling the whole time.

Let this be a lesson kids, if something goes wrong, just keep going!

My First Stadium Show Ever…my first fall on stage 😂😂😂 @fenwaypark @flagaline @backstreetboys @derrtymo #bsb #backstreetboys #fgl

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